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Little Book of Citroën 2CV
Couverture Détails du livre Dos / Extrait
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Auteur(s) Ellie Charleston
Date de publication 28/10/2011
Format Relié (128 x 128 mm)
Editeur G2 Entertainment Ltd
ISBN 978-1-907803-43-7
Langue Anglais
Nb. de pages 128
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Résumé / commentaires
The Little Book of Citroen 2CV is a 160 page hardback book full of unique colour photographs. The book looks at the history of this unusual vehicle from its pre-war conception through to the last car to roll off the production line in 1990. The book explains how the 2CV was intended to be a lightweight cheap car for farmers and the common man and how the designers developed this umbrella on wheels. It also takes a nostalgic look at its many derivatives, including a four wheel drive version and kit cars built on the 2CV chassis. Though the car is often the butt of jokes and given derogatory names such as "dustbin on wheels" - it was manufactured for over 40 years and nearly 4 million were produced. To top everything it beat flashier cars such as Aston Martin and Lotus Esprit to come top of a poll in James Bond car chases. Not bad for a modest little car! The 2CV has become something of a cult car with its unique and quirky design and the Little Book of Citroen 2CV provides a brief but fascinating look at this enduring motoring icon.
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