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Europe part I Travel the World by Train
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Auteur(s) Graham Loveridge
Date de publication 02/03/1999
Format DVD zone 1
Editeur Pioneer
UPC (code-barre) 0130230157912
Langue Anglais
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Résumé / commentaires
From London's historic Victoria Station to the sunny cities of Italy, ultimately climbing into the astounding summits of Switzerland, this video takes the viewer on a stunning trip through Europe by rail. The first leg of the journey takes the fabled Orient Express from London to the English Channel, then, after a ferry crossing, resumes a luxurious train trip through France and into Italy. The scenery shown in the video is spectacular, and it easily establishes the point that a train window might be the ideal vantage point from which to appreciate Europe. The second leg of the journey takes the viewer through Venice, Florence, Rome, and Milan, and in the third leg of the trip, the Glacier Express rolls upward into the Alps. The footage shot in Switzerland is particularly astonishing as the trains doggedly move up the mountains (but inside, things remain calm--wineglasses in the luxurious cars are specially made to sit on tables that are always slanted). This commendable video features an understated narration that lets the scenery and the classic trains speak for themselves; when portraying a combination train station and observatory 13,000 feet high in the Alps, the photography says more than any narrator could. --Robert J. McNamara
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