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Trains - A Photographic Tour of America's Railways
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Auteur(s) Brian Solomon
Date de publication 29/06/2004
Format Relié (311 x 238 mm)
Editeur Gramercy
ISBN 978-0-517-22260-7
Langue Anglais
Nb. de pages 96
Résumé / commentaires
A celebration of trains?A celebration of America Trains are the heartbeat of America. They have fueled this country's growth, transporting people and goods over its vast spaces. They epitomize the freedom to travel and explore, to go beyond the bounds. Now this breathtaking full-color celebration of trains, with nearly 100 new and historic photographs, brings the beauty and glory of these engines to life. From the Southern Pacific line of California and the Southwest to the Green Mountain Railway of Vermont, from the Louisiana and Delta line of the South to the Wisconsin Central of the Midwest, here are trains from all over America. Evocative pictures of trains climbing mountains, crossing prairies, stopping in small towns, and penetrating deep into the heart of our cities capture nearly two hundred years of railroading history. Even in an age of jet travel, trains carry an aura of glamour and adventure. This is your ticket to be transported by the most amazing trains of our country. You can almost hear the whistle blow.
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