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History of Road Building Equipment
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Auteur(s) Francis Pierre
Heinz-Herbert Cohrs
Date de publication 1998
Format Relié
Editeur KHL International Ltd
ISBN 978-0-9530219-2-5
Langue Anglais
Nb. de pages 262
Résumé / commentaires
To chart the history of road building equipment is to virtually chart the history of civilisation itself. As the introduction to this History of Road Building Equipment book states, "From the day humans took their first tentative steps and created the world's first pathways, transport routes and roads have been an integral part of our long journey towards civilisation. Although they did not know it at the time, our primitive ancestors were true pioneers, laying the foundations of a transportation system which was to become the life blood of global development". As the fascinating history of road building machinery unravels, there emerges a quite unique story of innovation, pioneering engineering, enterprising spirit, and tremendous dedication - sprinkled, almost inevitably, with some unfortunate failures. Many great names emerge as the chronicle is told, and while some have disappeared, many are still with us, producing increasingly sophisticated machines which help us build and maintain our roads more effectively and efficiently. Innovation and enterprise are as much features of today's road building equipment industry as they have always been. As we approach the turn of the century, however, we must appreciate that great changes lie ahead for the road building industry and its equipment suppliers. That is not to say that great change has not been experienced in the past, it has, and it should be of some consolation that the industry has coped with those changes admirably. But the industry will have to change, it will have to evolve, as it tackles a modern-day array of challenges. A recent meeting of the International Road Federation, was told that the world's road building industry should be aware of a "strong threat to its very existence", and that it must "wake up" and realise that in many parts of the world a virtual "war" is being waged against the very concept of the road. "If the world's road industries do not unite the consequences will be dire - both for road users and road industries. The road building industry is facing two revolutions; the privatisation of public road networks and the widespread ideological reaction against roads. If the industry continues to ignore these two revolutions the present day road system, as we know it, will be sentenced to death." Powerful words indeed! But the great twentieth century dream of mobility for all is certainly a strong one, and it is also one which the innovators of today and tomorrow will not give up easily. While the future of roads may be uncertain, the devotion and determination of our road builders, hopefully, is not.
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