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My bug - For everyone who owned, loved, or shared a VW Beetle...True tales of the car that defined a generation
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Auteur(s) Michael J. Rosen
Date de publication 11/11/1999
Format Relié
Editeur Workman Publishing
ISBN 978-1-57965-135-0
Langue Anglais
Nb. de pages 176
Résumé / commentaires
YA-This captivating book is a gold mine of memories of life with the little car that could. Roy Blount, Reeve Lindberg, Daniel Pinkwater, Russell Baker, and Robb White recount memories of the "cuddly transport of the Woodstock generation." Whether describing the vagaries of a heating system with a mind of its own, or the battery under the back seat, or the perfect stashing place under the front floor mat, it's clear that these owners really cared about their cars. The Bug is also the most popular "art car," one used as a canvas, and more than 100 beguiling pictures are included; photographs of a stone beetle, flower-powered beetles, stuffed beetles, even lit-up beetles. Teens who have only heard stories of the "classic" beetle will appreciate knowing why it was so beloved and they'll relate to the dialogue between a former Beetle addict and his teenage daughter who owns a new one. Also included are lists of books and movies featuring the Bug in one way or another. A thoroughly engaging visit with one of the icons of the '60s and '70s. Susan H. Woodcock, Chantilly Regional Library, VA.
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