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Great Car
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Auteur(s) Quentin Willson
Date de publication 2001
Format Broché (160 x 130 mm)
Editeur DK Publishing
ISBN 978-0-7894-7187-1
Langue Anglais
Nb. de pages 511
Résumé / commentaires
Quentin Wilson, the classic car specialist, is well known to millions of TV viewers and readers around the world. In Great Car, Quentin Wilson has hand-picked the most desirable of the world's automobiles, describing every last curve and wing nut with all his insider knowledge and charm. Test Drive the Essential Car Guide: You'll discover in-depth profiles of over 130 of the word's greatest cars captured in all their glory through superbly shot full-color photos. Each car is pictured form every angle, including interiors and engine close-ups. There is something for every car lover -- from the agonizingly pretty AC Ace-Bristol and the "plastic fantastic" Chevrolet Corvette to the outrageously exotic colors of the Lamborghini Miura and the timeless good looks of the MGB, famously advertised by the slogan: "Your mother wouldn't like it." Fact-filled Feast for Enthusiasts: With comprehensive historical, technical, and performance data for each car, Great Car is an essential and entertaining read for seasoned drivers and wannabe owners alike. It's a classic book for anyone who appreciates great cars.
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